History Of Wayanad

Wayanad is an area with an indigenous tribal population that seems to have lived here for centuries. Wayanad came under the British control when Lord Arthur Wellesley brought an end to Pazhassi raja’s tribal guerilla warfare. After the British left India, Wayanad went under the jurisdiction of the state of Kerala when it was formed in the year 1956. The south of Wayanad which was part of the Cannanoore district was later passed on to the Calicut district. In 1980 North and south Wayanad were separated from the jurisdictions of the Cannanore and Kozhikode districts and were established as a separate district with three taluks Mananthavady, Sultan Batthery and Vythiri.

An important part of Wayanad is the wayanad wildlife sanctuary which is one among the protected bio diversity networks of South India such as Bandhipur national park in Karnataka and Mudhumalai in Tamilnadu. The wildlife park was established in 1973. It has a rich and diverse collection of flora and fauna.


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