You might have heard the phrase “god’s own country” in reference to Kerala. Now if God decides to take a break from his divine duties and go on vacation which spot do you think he will choose in his own country? It would undoubtedly be WAYANAD. There are many indigeneous tribals in this area.

Wayanad, with its immaculate, unspoiled and unique natural beauty can truly pass off as God’s abode. However mortals are also welcome to lose themselves in the splendor and magnificence of Wayanad. If you are in here for trekking, short hikes, adventure or just some peace and quiet, Wayanad will satisfy your requirements to the full.

Wayanad headquarters is the municipality of Kalapetta. Originally a tribal region, Wayanad is still harboring a huge tribal population with various sects such as the Paniyas, kurumas, kurichyas, adiyars, kaatunayakans and Ooralis.

The population of Wayanad is quite diverse with Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Christians and tribal all living together in peaceful harmony providing credibility to the nation’s motto of ‘unity in diversity’.
Wayanad enjoys a fairly pleasant climate throughout the year with optimum rainfalls during the southwest and northeast monsoon. Forceful high speed winds can be observed during the southwest monsoon and dry winds blow through the plains and valleys during winter.The humidity of the region is quite high and peaks during the southwest monsoon.

About Wayanad District:

Sea level 700 m to 2100 m Best time to Go August To May
Area 2132 km² Summer March to June
Coordinates 11°41'44"N   76°6'21"E Winter October to February
Population (2001 census) 780,619 Monsoon Mid-June to Mid-September
Population Density 369 /km2 (956 /sq mi) Railway Station Kozhikode, Kerala
Country India Bus Station Kalpetta
State Kerela Nearest Airport Kozhikode, Kerala
No. of Taluks
  • Sulthan Bathery
  • Mananthavady
  • Vythiri
Languages Malayalam, Hindi, English
River Kabani River Temperature Mean Min: 20C Mean Max: 35C

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